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MEMO: To My Co-Workers

RE: Game of Thrones (GOT)

In our accounting department of about forty people, you need to look up from your spreadsheets once in a while and take a break. I relish the water cooler banter as much as the next person.  I look forward to swapping stories about our college aged kids, discussions about the latest sale at Lord & Taylor and jokes about our industry.  I smile politely when you over-share about marital issues and medical ailments.  I enjoy debating who is the bomb on The Voice and how American Idol can be saved. We’ve guessed at what is to come on Homeland and broken down Breaking Bad’s epic finale. I’ve even dabbled in Downton Abbey based on your recommendation.

But I won’t discuss GOT.  Ever. I know if you bring up that particularly nasty beheading or maddening family betrayal, we’ll both blush at what happened five minutes before or five minutes after that scene: brothers & sisters engaged in anal sex.

So I’m going to pretend I’ve never watched GOT.  I hate medieval stuff.  Seems boring. Who could even follow all those endless backstories?  When is Homeland gearing up again? How’s the quarterly management forecast coming along?

I better get back to work before I admit I’m addicted to GOT and we both have to look awkwardly at the floor.