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I have spent the last 25 years running away from the accounting profession.  I should have listened to my best friend two weeks into freshman year of college when she learned we needed to pass the CPA exam after graduation.  “Another test after graduation?” she whined.  “No way.”  She promptly switched her major to marketing and is one of the most successful people I know.  There is no boring stereotype associated with marketing types.  She works for a major network, attends cool events like the Golden Globes and never gets asked charitable deduction questions.

Between reality tv, docu-dramas and even the tried and true one hour drama series, every profession is edgy and sexy lately.  Risk your life hunting crab on the Bering Sea – slap a Bon Jovi theme song and a rugged voice over on your show and you’re an instant celebrity.  Chefs, interior designers, construction workers, dog whisperers, dog groomers, anything dog related and real estate brokers are in high demand.  Guaranteed increased viewership if you and your hot twin brother run a successful partnership doing anything, except accounting, of course.  There isn’t a Certified Public Accountant to be found.  Lawyers and doctors get the most coveted career shows.  I long for a trip to the ER or a lawsuit to up the possibility of running into a brainy, buff bad boy to stare into the depths of my soul and offer advice before lining me up with twenty others to see if I qualify as date material.

Maybe a show entitled Hollywood Tax Accountants could bring some much needed steaminess to my begrudgingly chosen profession but sadly forensics, law enforcement and duck calling seem to be the buzz today.  Perhaps Number Whisperer?  Keeping Up With the Kardashian Accountants?  CPA Bachelor?  America’s Next Top Accountant?  Real Housewives of Accountants?

Would anyone watch?