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Since my  Gen Y’er returned home from college, I’m able to see if some of the Millennial bashing attributes assigned to them are true.  I inevitably end up comparing the effortlessness of their lives to growing up in the 70s/80s.  Okay, I know I didn’t walk three miles to school or kill my supper but still…

Gen Y’ers don’t know the the stress of having to wait on the college Add/Drop line for hours just to see the last three spots in that easy A movie class slip through their fingers.  Yet they still bitch tweet about the server being agonizingly slow from their warm dorm room while ordering a pizza and watching Netflix.

Gen Y’ers never stand awkwardly alone in a bar wondering why their friends are late, never speculate about a random fact, or miss an episode of their favorite show because they’re stuck waiting in the Add/Drop line.

Even with the so-called ease provided by their smart phones, tablets and twitters, they’ve developed a serious disorder – FOMO.  If you’re wondering if it’s some mysterious blood disorder obtained through too many lattes, it’s much worse. FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out.  Oooh, the pain.

The NYT recently published this article:http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/10/business/10ping.html?_r=0

It appears Gen Y’s can’t commit to anything as they never know when something better will come across their Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc.   As my daughter notes, pics or it didn’t happen.  The one who dies with the best pics wins.  Deciding which event will produce the best pics?   Oooh, the pain.

As smart phones and social media have infiltrated elementary school, I picture kids on the playground paralyzed by whether to choose the swingset or kickball.  It’s surely affecting my generation of 40 somethings quick to pick-up on millennial trends.  If you’re not sure, look at the demographics now on Facebook.  Millennials have fled and 40 somethings thrash about trying to “follow” them.

After wiping my tears for FOMO sufferers, I realized I am tormented by FOBI (Fear of Being Included).  What began as a convenience (email/texting/googling) and a way to catch up with childhood friends (Facebook), has backfired in an attempt to keep up with the deluge.   And don’t get me started on Reply all.  I spent less time in the Add/Drop line than I do deleting Reply Alls that I never read.

I’ve made some concessions like turning off my phone after dinner and ignoring funny texts sent by my extremely funny college friends while I’m at work, but I have guilt they think I’m ignoring them.  I must have FOBPO – the Fear of Blowing People Off.

Where will it end?