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Warning:  Today is my birthday and I’m pissed.

Everyone in my house loves birthdays.  My husband will be 50 in January and has totally embraced it.  I hope it embraces him back as I don’t want to be embracing an old man.

My daughter and son have monumental birthdays next year – 21 & 17.  I frequently remind them they will be half of 42 & 34 and aren’t spring chickens anymore.  My 12 year old still thinks parties involve 100 of his closest friends and goody bags.  Why can’t I be as into birthdays as they are?

I awoke to some unusual birthday greetings.  Emails from my dentist, bank and car repair shop filled my inbox.  All week at work they warned me I would be receiving an e-card from the non Ryan Gosling looking Finance Department twerking to Happy Birthday.  Thankfully it was a tasteful if somewhat boring classical version of Happy Birthday full of flowers and butterflies.

Off to the gym to reverse the effects of turning 48, I naively scanned my keycard and the automated receptionist belted out Happy Birthday.  Not what I needed but then Retro provided my first and best looking present of the day.  As I ran on my treadmill, someone planted himself in front of me on the stationary bike.  His ripped Retro Fitness t-shirt more than showed off his incredible biceps and I truly never knew a back could be so muscular.  I have never run so long in my entire life.  Sadly the present ended there.

But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to notice birthday cakes on my Google home page wondering what famous person shared my birthday as October 5th is the most common birthday of any other date.  It was not for a famous person – my Google page wished Happy Birthday Me!

Well done Google. I hope you’re still going strong at 48.