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My usually good natured 16 year old got in the car last week after soccer practice groaning about overnight shipping.  ??? I should have left it alone but like any concerned parent just hoping he didn’t get thrown out of school, I said, “What’s wrong?”

“EVERYONE,” he hissed in anger, “EVERYONE got overnight delivery of the new Grand Theft Auto game OR they went to the store last night at midnight for the early release.  I’m the only one who doesn’t have the game.”

I’m sure I’m supposed to feel some sympathy here but knowing when teenagers say everyone it can’t possibly truly mean everyone.  But as we pull out of the parking lot and pass his friends and teammates, every one of them says the same thing, “Too bad man.”

Since all of my son’s friends do not have their license, I’m wondering if there is some Grand Theft Auto fairy that picks each of them up and delivers them to Game Stop for early releases.  Surely, other parents do not roll that way, do they?  I try and consider my parent’s willingness in the 1970s to drive me to a store at midnight for a video game.  My parents would have been hard pressed to drive me to the emergency room at midnight for a broken neck never mind for a video game.  Stores back then would never have had a midnight release party knowing full well parents liked to see their kids suffer.

I remember my friends and I dying for the Grease album.  It came out on a Tuesday and we knew better than to ask our parents to take us to the store until Saturday.  That was a long wait.  When we showed up at Two Guys Department Store we were handed a raincheck.  They were all out.  Devastated, we went home and waited until the following Saturday to finally get our album, almost two full weeks after it came out.

My son got his game two days after everyone else.  Surprisingly it didn’t kill him like he thought it would but he told me without a doubt, he is walking the ten miles to Game Stop if Grand Theft Auto 6 is out before he gets his license.  Even overnight shipping isn’t good enough anymore.  Patience is becoming obsolete.