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While chauferring my boys around they listen to a hip hop radio station when they don’t have their ear buds in.  I’m never truly listening to what is playing on Hot 97.1 and to me every song sounds like Mercy by Kanye and I really don’t get the appeal.  I tune out the lyrics which my daughter tells me are about hos and strip clubs and I shouldn’t let them listen to it.  I’m very non-judgemental when it comes to music or lyrics and feel at their age they can be in charge of what they listen to but I’ll also change the station if it drives me too crazy.   Rarely can I decipher the words unless I google them anyway.

I got in the car by myself the other day and their station was on.  As I’m writing a YA/New Adult novel, I need to listen to something other than classic rock to gather some insight into a younger demographic. The mid day DJ was in the middle of a heartfelt resignation speech.  He was having a heart to heart with his listeners discussing some “unhealthy situations” he had gotten himself into and hated to leave his listeners of over 20 years but it was something he had to do to get his life in order.  I thought possibly he was coming out to say he was gay but with Macklemore’s new song, Same Love, being such a big hit and a more general acceptance of homosexuality, I thought it wouldn’t have been such a big deal to admit he was gay.  I got to work and forgot about it.

The next morning I found myself listening to the morning show on that same station.  Retiring DJ was talking/crying/apologizing and having a therapy session with the morning DJs who were showing undying support and pledging their love and friendship to him.  It was touching.

While I drive, I barely focus on the road.  I’m too busy making to-do lists in my mind, fretting over mid-life and generally juggling more balls in the air than one should while behind the wheel.  But after Retiring DJ dropped this little bit of an overshare, I dropped every ball I was juggling and spit out my coffee.

“So I like to have felatio with a shemale.”

Felatio is one of those words that really doesn’t sound like what it is.  It sounds like a dessert or an Italian composer.  I’m not judging here but found it interesting these tough talking bros discussed urges and needs like it was an episode of Dr. Oz during the rest of my car ride.

When I got to work, I googled the DJ and found out that a shemale named Bimbo Winehouse had released a video with this DJ prompting him to confess on air giving new meaning to TMI.