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A few months ago I blogged about the epic Young Studs Talking Dirty to Carpooling Moms https://runningawayfrom49.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/a-whole-new-meaning-to-carpooling/ idea which strengthened the national economy all while keeping the backbone of our great nation, Mothers, happy and healthy.  Although the initiative significantly boosted home sales, opened world markets and expanded trade, the crisis in Syria and Rodman’s antics have stalled growth in the last few months so American’s greatest minds have dug deep. I’m sure this is what has kept them from blogging.  How unselfish.

This new proposal capitalizes on the billion dollar organic industry upping the health factor and cheering up an even greater percentage of the population.  Win-Win.

There are many reasons to love Whole Foods but when you leave the store with your reusable bag, overpriced apples, some legume you’ve never heard of and having spent almost as much as your monthly mortgage payment you say to yourself I need more.  Mash up the Whole Foods organic culture, shirtless models in the Abercrombie & Fitch ads and mid-life crisis nightmares everywhere and voila – Apple’s gonna wish they had come up with an app for this:  Organic Kissing Booths

Spend over $150 at Whole Foods which you’ve done before you even enter the store (you just had to have one of those locally produced wreaths didn’t you?) and receive a coupon for a visit to the Organic Kissing Booth located in the parking lot. I’ll let you use your unrefined, gluten free, all-natural imagination to fantasize about what you get for spending over $500.

Organic Kissing Booths are un-outsourceable, will generate complimentary products such as Organic Edible Lip Balm and endorsed by the Food Allergen Labeling and Protection Act.  It’s just gotta be good for you.

Organic Kissing Booths give new meaning to Made in America.  You’ll actually look forward to food shopping.