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The first time I won something was in the 6th grade.  I won the Fastest Reader Award.  I wanted the Crazy Sock Award but things didn’t go my way.  That same year I put a quarter down on the big wheel at the church fair, #15, and my number came up.  My Dad looked past the stuffed animals and chachkies and pointed to an epic 8 track tape player/AM-FM stereo about the size of an oven.  I hit the motherload.  Thanks Dad.  We were positively the coolest walking it out to our VW bug and my Dad built a special shelf in my room for it.  That baby served me well for listening to Peter Frampton, The Carpenters and The Beach Boys.  In terms of winning, the next thirty-something years went the same way as the 8 track tape player.

I’m an underachieving achiever.  I’ve achieved things – mom of 3 (and so far nobody in jail), CPA, Masters in Education, Religious Education Teacher, PTA Chairperson, author of an unpublished novel which I’m told is terrific by my BFFs.  I know you’re thinking how similar I am to Michael Phelps but really I’m not. I guess I have regrets for not going after more until I discovered writing about four years ago.  I’ve never worked this hard.  I go without sleep, risk rejection and zero likes all for the love of the word.

So to receive recognition from a fantastic blogger completely blows away the 8 track stereo in 6th grade.  I am indebted to http://thevanillahousewife.wordpress.com/ for even visiting my blog never mind giving me some great comments and now this!  Stop by her blog because you will never ever guess what they eat on the street in the Philipines!  I’m not sure how to copy the badge thingy so I’m going to work on that.

I’d like to give a shout out to the blogs I find myself liking just about every word they post:





The Vanilla Housewife made my underachieving day seem like I really achieved something.  Thanks for the pat on the back!