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My 70 year old mother, N, bought a smartphone this week.  She stressed, shopped, researched and prayed about it for so long, I’m surprised Apple is not on the iPhone 10. She passed on the iPhone (sorry Apple) and bought a Droid because the nice young man in the Verizon store told her it was the most user friendly.  Right away she tried to tip him.  N is an obsessive tipper (spending all of my inheritance) but that’s another blog post entirely.

Verizon Guy told her he couldn’t accept tips but was happy for her business; she promised to give him a 10 for his customer service.  My mom is the only one who will actually go online and complete the survey.

N is like a kid in a candy store even though she has yet to discover Candy Crush. She has a spring in her step and feels like the cool kid on the playground.  The grandkids are falling over each other to school her on apps and they try not to laugh when she says Snapshot instead of Snapchat.  Instagram may take a while.

Today she answered my text with an emoticon I’ve never seen before – a green alien looking frown face that screamed she must be angry with me even though her response was a happy-go-lucky see you tomorrow.  Should I read into alien guy?  I think not, it’s most likely a case of first time texter’s cluelessness.  My father wants nothing to do with smartphones or texting.  Actually it’s better he can’t receive texts due to his serious health issues; he just might  have a heart attack if N sent a sexy emoticon to him.  Do they even have those?

There will be many more shenanigans to come as N has registered for the cell phone orientation and tutorial class being held at her local phone store.  I imagine she will be a party of one unless there has been a run of senior citizens purchasing smart phones lately.  Can’t you just see them all rushing through the Early Bird Special, fighting over the handicapped parking spots and arriving half an hour before the class starts?

Unfortunately at work (yes – she still works!), N quickly realized without an iPhone she is a second class citizen.   Baby steps Mom…I’m sure an upgrade is in your future.