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My middle son counting the hours until he turns 16 next weekend floats through life, as his sister notes, on his own cloud.  It’s a glorious place to be.  He sleeps like a rock every night, worships at the gates of Sports Center and is grateful for every day just shooting hoops with friends.  Nirvana.  The only turmoil in his life is talking the guys out of ordering McDonalds due to his newly found healthy lifestyle.  He’s a sweet kid and no trouble…yet.  Compared to his older sister where every issue is life and death and his younger brother who complains so much that even when things go his way he forgets not to complain, I’m not sure where middle son gets his carefree attitude.

Sometimes his happy-go-lucky manner translates into cloudy thoughts I can only attribute to Teen-age Preoccupation-itis.

He repeatedly asks which side of the faucet is cold insisting I switched cold and hot because he could have sworn cold was on the left.


This past Christmas he pondered, “Which Saturday is Black Friday?”


Although this next one made me think he is really out there, it also showed some initiative severely lacking in his siblings.  The other night while at soccer practice  torrential rains flooded his phone.  His siblings would have been undone by this cruel act of Mother Nature whining about getting to the phone store and dramatically flopping to the floor at their inability to instagram a picture of tonight’s dinner.  But not middle son.  When I picked him up from practice he casually mentioned his phone getting wet but didn’t seem too concerned about it.

The next morning I found his phone sitting in a pan of cooked rice.


Cooked rice = moist rice, not the ideal environment for absorbing the water from an electronic device.  He told me later he couldn’t find rice in the pantry but since we had tacos for dinner that night, he thought there might be some leftover rice in the fridge.  The phone never had a chance.

Although I hope for sunshine tomorrow, partly cloudy isn’t so bad.