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It’s been a long time.  I’ve missed you.  You’ve missed me.  It’s been difficult but I don’t trust myself around you.  I needed to stay away for a while.  It’s complicated.

Today, I’m  back.  My palms are a bit sweaty as I approach you.  The anticipation, the longing – I didn’t realize how much I yearned for you.


When I was a stay at home mom, shopping filled my days and my worst offense was Target.  I always found something I “needed” for the house or for the kids.  Even if I went for one or two items, I always left having spent hundreds of dollars on questionable items.  So I gave you up cold turkey.  It wasn’t easy.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel my true calling is being a personal shopper.  I love shopping.  I will shop for anyone, for anything and at any time.  But with working, writing and keeping a hundred balls in the air, I simply don’t have the time anymore.

I cherished our little reunion and left having fulfilled your desire of having me spend a boatload more cash than I intended.  Thanks for the thrill.