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I won’t be able to accomplish anything today.  While I slept, dark forces conspired to sideline my best efforts.  I awoke full of hope and promise.  I naively poured a cup of dark roast and headed to the back porch to enjoy the early morning; it’s my favorite part of the day.  Birds chirping and a slight breeze ushered a soothing song.  I took a sip of coffee and checked my email.

Five emails – not too bad, but as I innocently hit retrieve, my in-box swelled.  I worried about Google experiencing an overload and possibly GMAIL crashing down altogether.  They kept coming.  The evil ones were waking up as well whipping out the most powerful weapon in their arsenal – REPLY ALL.  The original five emails were regarding my kid’s activities and a neighborhood night out.  Each email was sent to ten or more people.  You do the math.  The wicked hit reply all cackling as they waved their responses of destruction.

Do I need to know your 11 year old can’t make today’s playoff game because it’s his grandparents fiftieth anniversary party?  Tip #1: the only reason this happy couple made it to fifty years is because they didn’t spend ten years reading reply alls!

Do I need to know you’re bringing brownies to the end of year soccer party that are peanut, gluten and taste free? Tip #2:  You can never ever have too many brownies so it’s okay if I bring brownies too.

Do I need to know you will try to make ladies night out but between soccer, baseball and band practice you might be late?  Tip #3:  If you didn’t spend so much time replying to all about why you might be late, you actually might not be late!

If it doesn’t involve the end of the world, I don’t need to know about it so please exercise caution when hitting reply all.  Thank you.