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Do you ever do nothing?  I don’t.  I’m a frenzied manic multi-tasker – working, writing, cleaning, driving places, solving other’s problems, running, cleaning the clean.  I do all this to avoid my own problems, not because I’m that much of a go-getter, but those problems are a whole other blog.

At 19 and a college student, my daughter is the queen of doing nothing. After sleeping eighteen hours which is essentially doing nothing, she sits on the couch with her laptop and phone; even though that is her definition of multitasking, I’ll have you know if you looked up nothing in the dictionary, there would be a picture of someone sitting on the couch staring at a laptop and phone.

My 15 year old is like me, he doesn’t sit too often but the reason he doesn’t sit is to avoid me yelling at him for doing nothing.  He has mastered the art of looking like he’s doing something when really he is very much like his older sister.  Kudos though for the effort he puts into looking like he’s doing something.

My 11 year old doesn’t understand doing nothing.  He wants to be entertained, fed, talked to, talked about, played with and driven places 24/7.  Unless you put him in front of minecraft – the equivalent of doing nothing in my book.

Today, after a very busy Memorial Day weekend, our family of 5 plus two of the kid’s friends are in the backyard doing nothing.  The 11 year old and his friend are laying on the trampoline talking about 5th grade stuff (so are you taking a date to the 5th grade dance?)  My husband and daughter are sunning on lounge chairs; I’m pretty sure they’re asleep.  The 15 year old and his friend are eating on the porch consuming more food than I ever though possible but that’s about it.  Since I can’t do nothing, I’m writing but every half hour or so I wander into the sun and walk the yard – I tell myself to just enjoy the day but I can’t help it, I pull weeds anyway.  It’s as close to nothing as I’ve ever seen.

I feel like it’s Mothers Day. Nobody is complaining, in fact nobody is even talking to each other.  It’s paradise.

I’m just wondering who is going to grill the Memorial Day feast waiting in the fridge and I’m afraid someone is going to suggest ordering a pizza so we can continue to do nothing.  It wouldn’t be such a bad thing.