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Having known each other for 30 years, we share many embarrassing and hilarious moments, most of which I don’t remember. FU2’s post on voyeurism (see below) got me thinking about life at 24 versus the challenges we face today.  My terribly unscientific research of women shows the following:


1. Cinderella/Prince Charming – if you communicate and have sex once in a while that pretty much makes you a fairy tale at this stage of the game.

2. Ignore all problems and they will disappear.

3. Planning in excruciating detail how to dispose of a dead husband’s body.  Sort of taking #2 to the next level.

Sex Life

1. Sex with a partner you somewhat like or remember liking at one point (vibrator does not count as a partner).

2. Threesomes, a bit of S&M, younger men – of course it’s all in your head and involves battery operated toys.

3. Planning in excruciating detail how to dispose of a dead husband’s body.  I am not talking about necrophilia here because you didn’t want sex with him alive so you certainly wouldn’t want sex with him dead (and you are too busy planning how to dispose of a dead body to have sex anyway).


1. Flux

2. Flux

3. Flux

Even though we work/raise kids/write/blog/study/plan disposal of dead bodies – we are in a state of flux. Sex makes flux better. It just does.


1. Veggie cleanses/eats organic.

2. Youngest child thinks pizza bagels are a food group.

3. Coffee and dark chocolate (that’s the heart healthy kind people so don’t judge).

It is a fine line between happy and not, no matter what stage you are in.   My definition of happily ever after has certainly  changed since I was 24.  All this makes me realize maybe the key is finding more hilarious and embarrassing moments I won’t remember.  Anyone up for stealing road signs?