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As First Lady, Michelle Obama has a demanding public role and uses her spotlight to address the issue of childhood obesity. I agree it is a worthy cause and whether or  not you concur with Michelle’s  political views, there is no denying her savvy fashion sense.  Heading to an elementary school to encourage healthy eating – Michelle sports a colorful cashmere J. Crew cardigan, Italian wool brocade capris and embellished flats; press event on the White House lawn – Diane Von Furstenberg floral a-line dress with fitted bodice; black tie dinner – she pulls off Jason Wu designer gowns with effortless grace all while appearing approachable and professional.  I want the hair, make-up and wardrobe without all the work.

For today’s post on a subject near and dear to the First Lady, I channel my inner Michelle-ness.   Picture a plum Ann Taylor fitted ponte-knit sheath dress over a crisp white buttondown and nude patent leather Calvin Klein pumps; the statement crystal necklace frames my neck and my hair is pulled into a conservative yet trendy ponytail highlighting understated peach lip-gloss.  I am press conference ready.

Yesterday, X-Box announced it is partnering with Pizza Hut to offer an app allowing gamers to order Pizza Hut from their gaming console.  Are you kidding me?  If they could only invent a gaming chair with a toilet, gamers would only have to get up to pay the pizza delivery boy (but I am sure they already have X-Box linked to their bank account).  I can picture Michelle’s perfectly arched eyebrows rise as she is glad I have brought this to her attention.

At most, the three men in my house play an hour of X-Box in the evening after work/homework, sports and mad ping-pong games.  At 6’3″, 195 pounds and couch potato-y athletic, my husband has never had a weight problem; my 15 year old son’s chiseled abs and arms are due to a work-out regimen akin to boot camp; other parents slip my 11 year old snacks during baseball games afraid his pants will fall off his beanpole frame.  But let me tell you this, if they could order Pizza Hut from the basement X-Box, I might as well schedule 3 gastric bypass surgeries for a year from now because it won’t be pretty.

I better change out of my pajamas so I am ready for when Michelle rings me up to discuss this issue.