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I am the odd person out in my house when it comes to television. My teenage daughter and her friends stay up all night watching Friends, Entourage and Top Chef (not back to back episodes but full seasons!)   I believe global warming could be solved if these young adults weren’t so invested in what happens next between Rachel and Ross. Growing up, I confess to being addicted to the Price is Right, Brady Bunch and Partridge Family, expanding my horizons in highschool and college to the world of soap operas on ABC – All My Children through Edge of Night.  Maybe I am more like my daughter than I would like to admit and if I had 800 channels to chose from, I might still be stuck on the couch in my parent’s den.

My husband and sons spend hours transfixed watching sports –  sometimes setting their alarms for 430am to watch Tottenham Hotspur or Bayern Munchen (are those really teams?)  Could there be a channel dedicated solely to European soccer? The answer to that is yes as we recently switched to Fios for this sole reason.  Although watching hunky athletes with better than David Beckham hair and bodies does have some appeal, I still wonder why I am outside weeding when there are three capable men sitting around the living room. Don’t get me started on my youngest son who is obsessed with HGTV (like you FU3!), FoodNetwork and any reality “war” show – storage wars, parking wars, cupcake wars – you name it.  He and his grandmother discuss House Hunters with a personal investment I only wish he poured into his homework.

I have an aversion towards House Hunters, Property Brothers and other shows about young couples starting out their lives full of sappy promise at a time I feel my life has none.  I long for two handsome brothers to transform my life like they do houses from 8-9pm each evening.  That all changed recently when I discovered Dexter, even more appealing than those attractive soccer players.  Dexter is about a deranged serial killer who murders bad guys in a lighthearted way and although he does make a mistake once or twice, I forgive him because of all the “good” he does.  Surrounded by dysfunction, Dexter lives a lie to cover up his need to kill.  I am inclined lately towards shows devoid of happy ever after, lacking hope and without a cupcake or waterfront villa in sight.  At one time, I felt I lived the HGTV kind of life and now I feel more akin to Dexter, not in a closet full of knives way, more in a how did I end up here kind of way?

I would like one day to be able to sit down and watch Love It or List It without getting all teary eyed but right now I can’t do it.  What is your favorite tv show?  I am taking suggestions because Dexter’s upcoming 8th season will be its last. What’s a girl to do without a hero whose ability to literally “dispose” of all problems is what she aspires to! (disclaimer: there isn’t a sharp knife in my house so no worries but I can dream about it right?)