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“did you dance this wkd?  you have a body for dancing.”
“my day was just ok until you walked in.”
“you are looking fresh!”
“I just wanted to stop by and enjoy your face.”
I wish I could say these were whispered by a younger, taller Ryan Gosling look-a-like with incredible abs and equally incredible facial hair.  Sadly that is not the case.  My not so secret admirrer is Ram, a 4’10”, hard boiled egg making, pith helmet wearing Guyanese man I work with.   Until I met Ram I didn’t know pith helmets were worn outside of safaris and I certainly didn’t know where Guyana was.
But a compliment is a compliment right?  I came to work here at a difficult time and during the last  four years at this company, I have gotten to know a sweet funny bunch of foul mouthed, chain smoking men most of whom have never met a shirt that fit.    For what they lack in fashion, they more than make up for in their genuine warmth and chivalrous comments.
Bottom line, they make coming to work fun.  There really is nothing flirtatious about their comments unless I choose to take them that way which I don’t.  They call things like they see them and when I walked in recently with my usually blow dried and straightened hair curly, they shook their heads and told me it really wasn’t working!
It is flattering to be told you look good even though they don’t remotely resemble Ryan.  Embrace compliments graciously and dish them out wholeheartedly.  They can make someones day.