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Yesterday I took my daughter to get her hair cut.  As I sat there waiting for her, I perused a People Magazine catching up on all the celebrity gossip.  Within seconds, the conversation of a man sitting having his hair cut, caught my attention. It was an odd time of day for a man in his 40’s to be having his hair cut; Wednesday afternoon, right after school.  I listened to him tell the stylist all about his “special” plans for his second wedding anniversary.  It was to be “romantic.”  He was taking her away to a beautiful bed and breakfast, and they were having dinner at a sumptuous restaurant.   It sounded lovely to both the hair stylist and me who was now glued to the conversation as the voice started to sound familiar.  When the stylist turned the chair slightly to get to the other side of her client’s head, I caught a glimpse of the chump who sat in the chair, before quickly burying my head back in the magazine.  It was the ex-husband of a woman I knew in town.  Now it all started to make sense.  Of course, it was Wednesday, the divorced daddy’s family day.  He was in town to pick up his girls for their weekly evening with daddy.  A day designed by divorce lawyers to give children a weeknight dinner with their dads; how sweet.   John Doe, as I’ll call him, divorced his wife for no apparent reason.  Well, that is what I know.  There wasn’t years of abuse, or horror stories, only that he was no longer happy and had found TRUE happiness with a cute blond, 20 plus years his junior.  Now at 47, he was REALLY happily married to a 23 year old.  I wonder if his 46 year-old ex-wife who is now working full time to make ends meet, juggling the activities of her two beautiful girls, and facing her daily problems alone has equally found happiness.  I sure hope so!  The ironic part of the whole story is, I remember John Doe telling me one night at a party at his house about his childhood.  He was bitter toward his dad.  His dad had left his mom, his sister and him when they were young and remarried.   Surprise, Surprise, his father married a much younger woman and started a new family with his young bride.  John Doe’s story to me ended with the fact that his father was so very sorry he had left his original family long ago. As always, new problems developed with his new relationship.  His dad was remorseful and trying desperately to make amends and connections to his first family with whom he was now estranged.  I wonder if Joe Doe remembers that story.  He has to, doesn’t he?  Don’t the pieces to the story fit for him, or can he not see it through the haze of being with a 23 year old again?

A few months back I ran into John Doe’s ex-wife, our paths having not crossed in quite a while as our children having gone in different directions.  Still bitter about her divorce and what John Doe did to her, she is always eager to divulge information about him.  She reported to me that John Doe was in the process of having his vasectomy reversed because the cute 23 year old he was now married to, of course, wants to start a family!