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On any given day, at least one of us is thinking about the following: divorce, murder, running away to a greek island (or any island), what we are going to be when we grow up and how did we get here in our lives right now. Did I mention murder?

I have run since I was 16 years old, never running towards anything nor running away from anything. I am not sure why I ran but I did. Now at 47, I am trying to run away from problems but also trying to head towards something I  struggle to define but hope I will trip over it or hear it scream “here I am” at me. Considering I am running on a treadmill at Retro Fitness, I doubt the tripping or screaming thing will happen but it’s better than nothing.

Lately, it’s the Imagine Dragons soundtrack – Demons (yes, I have those), Bleeding Out (about 4 years ago) and On Top of the World (trying to get there) which gets me through my three miles; well, that and the guy in the red shirt.